Panagia Sümela

The structure of S¸mela Monastery, which is built into the rocks and offers a mystical appearance, is one of the oldest historical monasteries on earth. The construction is described as a legend from the old to the present, and this makes the monastery more mysterious. According to the accounts of the present monumental S¸mela Monastery, which was previously only a church, two priests from Athens Barnabas and Sophronios had the same dream. It was built with the help of Alexios' decision. It is estimated to be about 1000 years between the construction of the church and its conversion to the monastery. These two priests dreamed of the place where the most famous icon of Saint Lukas' s Virgin Mary was lost and dreamed. Sumela Monastery is located in Macka district of Trabzon, the former name is located on the mountain Mela and takes its name from this mountain. In Greek îStou melaí means îMelaîdaí. The name of the monastery is also present in the Greek dialect as) Sou-mela g¸n (Sumela).

It is thought that the monastery was built between 365-395 AD. This monastery is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is also known as the maktad Virgin Mary Monastery ast˝r. Sumela Monastery, which had seen many civilizations for centuries, has been used as a training place during the Eastern Roman Empire and it is also mentioned that coronation ceremonies were held in front of the famous icon. The monastery also had a special importance during the Ottoman Empire period. The monastery, which maintained its existence with dignity, was given various gifts for many years by the Ottoman sultans. It is known that Yavuz Sultan Selim gave two large candlesticks and made renovations here. From 1923 onwards the monks had not been able to live in the monastery and abandoned the monastery.