Tourism İn İstanbul

Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha Mosque and Complex: It is in Carsikapi. Sadr‚zam started the construction of the Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pa˛a complex in 1681. It was completed in 1690 by his son D‚m‚d Ali Pasha. The complex; mosque, madrasa, primary school, sebil and tomb consists of. He is a master of stone art, engraving and the art of foundry. The complex was completed in 1960. Sokullu Mehmed Pasha Mosque and Complex: It is on the lower side of Sultan Ahmed Square. In 1572, Madame Sinan was built by his wife Ismihan Sultan, on behalf of Sadramam Mehmed Pasha. The complex; It consists of madrasah, mosque, tekke and ˛ad˝rvandan. The middle gate, the mihrab and the walls of the pulpit are each of the Hacer-ul-Esved stone pieces. Atik Ali Pasha Mosque and the complex: «emberlita˛íta Sultan Second B‚yezÓd'in Ali Pasha in 1497 was built in the sadr‚zam. The complex; mosque, madrasah, primary school, imam, tomb, fountain and is composed of the messenger's inn. The messenger inn and the ruin were destroyed and the madrasah had lost its shape. Kˆpr¸l¸ Mehmed Pa˛a Mosque and Complex: It was built in 1661 by Sadr‚zam Kˆpr¸l¸ Mehmed Pasha in Divanyolu. The complex; mosque, madrasah, tomb, fountain, water canopy, bookshelves, khans and shops, and covers a large area. K˝l˝Á Ali Pa˛a Mosque and Complex: It was built in 1580 by Sultan Naval Commander K˝l˝Á Ali Pasha in Toph‚ne Square. Mosque, madrasah, bathhouse, shrine and sebilis consisting of the complex in various times has seen. The madrassah is used by the Child Protection Agency.

Corlulu Ali Pasha Mosque and Complex: It is located on Carsikapiída DÓv‚nyolu Street. It was built by «orlulu Ali Pasha in 1708. The complex; The madrasa, the mosque, the library and the fountain were formed. The influence of Baroque style is seen in the artifacts and pen works of the complex.