Ihlara Valley

Karagedik Church In the Ihlara Valley, Karagedik Church is a large church built with stones reflecting the 11th century Late Byzantine style. The former Greeks of Belisirma has also named the church Saint Ermolaos. Leaning against a steep rock and covered in a grass covered with grass as if it were in a circle. With the pieces falling from the rocks he was leaning quite damaged, almost the entire structure was destroyed except his roof and the north wall. The architecture of the church was made in the form of a closed Greek cross. In the case of the collapse of the building, the main space had a dome rising above four stakes and the other rooms were covered with barrel vaults. The walls of the building, although a little frekslerin Saint George'nin traces of martyrdom. In addition to the depictions of the Saint George King, the torture cease, there are scenes of the follow-up of Elizabeth, the killing of Zechariah in Prothesis, the washing of Salome's head of John the Baptist. Ala Church In the north of Belisirma village, on the eastern slope of the valley, Ala Church was built as a single domed cross. The beginning of the 11th century is the period when Christianity was accepted and became free. Ihlara Valley Ruin

The faÁade of Ala Church, carved into the rocks, was processed and smoothed. One of the sections connected to the structure has been converted into a linen producing linseed oil for lighting over time. The frescoes inside it were destroyed and some of the frescoes whose story could be solved were darkened by the effect of the garrison. These frescoes include the Visitation, Anastasis, Birth, Last Supper, Introduction to Jerusalem, Three Jewish Youths in the Oven, and depictions of saints.