Tourism in Fethiye

'' The imam and I pray together in the funeral ceremonies in ÷l¸deniz. Unlike England, people show that they are partners in your suffering and share your pain in a sincere way. Thanks to the people in Fethiye, we have eliminated the differences in our country. People who have different ideas, 'different sports clubs' supporters, the cemetery in Oludeniz can lie side by side. The best example of this is Everton's Ralph Molyneux and Spurs Tottenham Hotspur fans. The families wanted these two graves side by side. Turkey will be a country house forever for them. '' . We introduce Turkish culture to our foreign guests in our art house. We also talk about Turkish culture and our beliefs. The British are curious about our culture. For example, 'What is to take ablution?' They ask. A newly wed couple would like to know what to say to those who have died. Their aim is to develop neighborly relations and to participate in the daily life of Turkish citizens. Lar˝

Karabulut, some of the British citizens learned to take the rosary and ablution expressed by expressing, '' a part of the British marries Turkish citizens. Some British choose Islam. They respect our religious beliefs. Imam and the priest are attending the funeral of British citizens. Thus, from Oludeniz is a message of tolerance to the world.