Tourism in Cappadocia

The fairy chimneys in the winter sunshine, the volcanic valleys with traces of ancient civilizations, the hiking trails with the tartan runways, the mysterious tunnels and the oxygen-laden air vol The peaks of Cappadocia, located in a snow-covered volcanic triangle, offer spectacular views in the winter months. Uchisar, which resembles an old stone age settlement on the outskirts of a giant fairy chimney, is considered the natural castle of the region. Only 10 km from Nev˛ehir, this lovely village is famous for its antique shops and boutique hotels. Located in the beginning of the Pigeon Valley, a long and deep canyon, carved pigeons in the rock creates an interesting image. The mysterious valley where the rock churches dating from the 8th and 9th centuries are adorned with natural tunnels opened by the rivers. These tunnels, where people and horses can easily pass, are a perfect track for walking enthusiasts and photographers. On the way to UÁhisar-Gˆreme, about 3 km, you will have the opportunity to see the most beautiful valleys of the region. Goreme Open Air Museum, which is one of the most special sections of Cappadocia, is only 1 km away. The museum in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List contains many monasteries carved into the rocks, a monk cafeteria, a burial chamber and a cellar. The newest paintings in the rock churches, built in the 12th century, are as vibrant as yesterday. Avanos, one of the oldest residential areas of Cappadocia, is also worth seeing. As it is understood from the giant monument at the entrance of the district, this is a pottery and ceramic production center since the Hittites. THE MOST OLD AND MOST EARTH STONE MANSIONS OF THE REGION, 5 KM.

You can try to make pottery with the help of the masters in one of the workshops in the district on the banks of the K˝z˝l˝rmak River. One of the masterpieces in the district is Saruhan, a 13th century Seljuk caravanserai. «avu˛in, the neighbor of Avanos, is a candidate to give you pleasant hours with its abandoned rock houses and historical temples. K˝z˝lÁukur Valley, which can be reached by the road passing through «avu˛in, is the constant point of Cappadocia sunsets and full moon trips. Famous for its Pa˛aba˝ Valley and open air museum, where you can see the beautiful fairy chimneys, Zelve is the two important excursion areas that will be seen in the immediate vicinity. The oldest and most elegant stone mansions of the region are at Sinasos, 5 km away from İrg¸p. Nowadays, you can't take your eyes from buildings that have witnessed centuries as you stroll through this historical settlement called Mustafapa˛a. Sinasos's elegant mansions, vineyards and local dishes are worth paying attention. A little further to Gomeda Valley is a scenic plateau with a magnificent nature and must be on your list of excursions. The valley, which is like the nature treasure of Ihlara, promises pleasant walks.