Tourism in Bodrum

ENTERTAINMENT OF THE FUN: TURKBUKU I don't get used to the Göltürkbükü, which was later concocted. Kuum Hotel has been serving for seven years since the beginning of Türkbükü. Suat Ateşdağlı yazyla beach with the new concept added to the party this summer. The famous percussionist Erkut Sezer, Hakan Kabil and DJ Doğuş Çabakçor will add color to Türkbükü with his music. This summer Kuumsal Fish will serve on the pier on the sea. The atmosphere of the neighborhood bar in Nişantaşı, Abdi opened the summer room in Türkbükü. Abdi will serve as a fishing restaurant in the evenings. Garoindens fish restaurant called Garo's is one of the most popular places in Türkbükü. I love appetizers. Make sure you make a reservation. I also recommend Atılay Fish, like Garoims. Miam's DJ music is great.

Mavi Hotel's bar is entrusted to Cemal Yarar, who runs Ship A Hoy for a long time. Melda Tuna, the daughter of the owner of Etiler Şamdan in the garden of Mavi, has Edalia, a restaurant that serves international cuisine. Located on an area of ​​5 thousand square meters 19-room Bella Sombra Hotel Bodrum among the new. The garden adorns its pool, reflecting the simple and intimate atmosphere of the Provence style. The menu of the 80-person restaurant, which is open to guests outside the hotel, consists of Mediterranean-dominated international cuisine reflecting the experience of the hotel's owner, Şebnem Ercantürk's Le Cordon Bleu. This season, Ship A Hoy has shrunk and recovered. Looks like he's going back to his old days. Maki Hotel was renewed completely and opened its doors with the name of No: 81 Hotel. Daze Restaurant and Beach is located on the hotel's 950 square meter pier. Returning to the nightclub after dinner, the famous chef Arif Solukanoğlu is at the head of Daze. The sculptures made by George Rae add to the modern decoration of the hotel. In the room of Merve İşeri, 81 rooms are hidden as hidden.