Turkey's Top Tourist Attractions

Istanbul - Islands Adalar, which is the name of many islands in Istanbul, is also the municipality of all these islands. Especially Adalar, which is very famous with B¸y¸kada, is one of the most important tourist spots to visit in Istanbul. It's a really interesting place with its historical texture, streets and island air. The islands, which can be reached by ferry, are very popular with the phaetos. Bursa - Cumal˝k˝z˝k Village Cumal˝k˝z˝k Village, located in Bursa, is a very charming and historic village which has increased its popularity after hosting the series. Anyone who is older will remember the K˝nal˝ Snow series and the historical houses and the mansions in the series. This series was shot in Cumal˝k˝z˝k and its popularity increased with the publication of the series. Especially because of the mansions of the historical mansions of the village breakfast service is among the preferences of many people. Cumal˝k˝z˝k Village is a village whose cultural structure is preserved with untouched originality houses. Bursa Turkey Uluda is one of the most popular places in Bursa, especially in terms of winter tourism. Uluda is a preferred destination for skiing in the surrounding cities in winter months. However, in other months, the mountain air and unique nature should be visited. Don't forget to enjoy the unique views of Bursa from Uluda to the city. ızmir - Şirince Village Sirince-Transportation Şirince village which is very famous especially for its wines and is a very cute village like the name is located in ızmir province. Şirince Village, especially in 2012, "Doomsday will be broken, but nothing will not be Sirince." claims to increase the popularity and popularity abroad, and also because of the intense interest of many people.

Izmir Ephesus Antique City The ancient city of Ephesus, located in the SelÁuk district of ızmir, has a magnificent historical significance. It was accepted as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2015 with its history dating back to 6000 BC. This ancient city where the remains are still invaluable and still preserves its existence is a point visited frequently by local and foreign tourists in the summer months. Ancient of Ephesus; The city is home to many temples and basilica, as well as important buildings such as the Temple of Artemis, the Library of Celsus, the House of Virgin Mary, the Seven Sleepers, Isa Bey Mosque.