Tourism in Antalya

First of all, Antalya should solve the urban tourism imbalances rapidly and be able to do its part in local and regional tourism leadership without waiting longer. In the 1990s, KaleiÁi, an exemplary tourism center, has a great role in the loss of blood in recent years. When the prevailing market and the dense product is a 'beach holiday', it is clear how 'cultural and social' quality products are withdrawn from the market or in a minority. Even though the basic infrastructure of city tourism is ready, the market for this different product is not the current coastal holidaymaker and mass tourism customer. For urban holidaymakers who prefer a type of accommodation in a small hotel and / or holiday home type rather than a classic hotel, brand new strategies and methods should be applied beyond the existing market mechanism in the context of special organization (promotion-marketing). Besides KaleiÁi boarding and small hotels, it is possible to organize the accommodation capacity of the whole city as a single product, such as the Shelter and Konyaalt˝, and to provide the expected movement by presenting it in a special way. The concept of edil city tourism ˝, which will be integrated as a new diversification as well as advanced image, will form its original customers immediately.

Moreover, it should not be mistaken that the new product is only condemned to foreign tourism. It is possible for the calls to be made to Anatolia in the form of a campaign, even in the current months, to find an immediate answer. With the original slogans such as' Meet the spring in Antalya, 'or' orange blossoms are waiting for you ', the Anatolian Tigers' wide interest can be attracted comfortably.